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Record (Unofficial) Pier Caught California Halibut

If anyone knows of fish that should be added to the list please contact me.  Some unofficial records —gathered from published reports 62 ¼ lbs. — Los Angeles Long Wharf, August 17, 1917 — Source: Port of Los Angeles, A Phenomenon of the Railroad Era, Ernest Marquez, 1975 58 Lbs. 11 Oz — Santa Monica [...]

The Good Old Days On The Piers — # 2

Ocean Park Pier — 1911 Ken Jones — Fish Taco Chronicles —Summer 2015 As chronicled in the previous article there has been change to California’s piers and the fish from those piers during the past century. That article displayed the great changes that have taken place in the number and size of the larger species—yellowtail, [...]

The Ocean Park Pier & Fishing — “The Way It Used To Be”

Ocean Park Pier — 1911 Reading the old reports of the fish caught from California’s piers can be both amazing and disheartening. Amazing because of the numbers of fish once encountered on a fairly regular basis. Disheartening because so few of those results are duplicated today. The reasons are multiple but the main reason is [...]