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Anderson Valley High School Marine Biology Class

Part of the class Last century, mid-80s to be exact I, was living in the beautiful Mendocino County hamlet of Boonville. The town was small, the high school was small, and in such places it’s very easy to get involved in a mix of activities. Thus I found myself helping out at the school, coaching [...]

Striped Seaperch

Surfperches—Family Embiotocidae    Striped Seaperch from the Trinidad Pier Species: Embiotoca lateralis (Agassiz, 1854); from the Greek root words embios (living) and tocos (to bring forth) and the Latin word lateralis  (lateral, due to their blue stripes). Family Embiotocidae, subfamily Embiotocinae. Alternate Names: Striped surfperch, rainbow perch, blue perch, striped surf fish. Early-day names included [...]