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Stan “The Man” Low

Evolution of a Master Angler: Stan Low Posted to Pier Fishing In California; From: Ken Jones; Date: August 24, 2007; Subject: For the Newbies — Stan “The Man” Low Stan and a striped bass from the Point Pinole Pier It started simply enough, a few short, questioning posts to the PFIC Message Board in 1999. [...]

California Halibut — One of California’s favorite fish

Berkeley Pier halibut Species: Paralichthys californicus (Ayres, 1859); from the Greek word paralichthys (parallel fish) and californicus (Californian)—a California fish that lies parallel to the bottom. Alternate Names: Halibut, flounder, hali, flattie (or flatty), chicken halibut, alabato, southern halibut, Monterey halibut, bastard halibut; fly swatter or postage stamp (small halibut); door mats (large halibut); extra [...]