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Great Whites at the Manhattan Beach Pier?

At the end of December 2013 an article appeared in the New York Daily News by Michael Welsh. The title — Did a great white shark photobomb surfing kids at Manhattan Beach, Calif.? The woman who snapped the picture of her son and his friend swimming near a shadowy figure that resembles a shark said [...]

Swell Shark — Ain’t so Swell

 Order Carcharhiniformes — Cat Sharks—Family Scyliorhinidae A swell shark from the Cayucos Pier Species: Cephaloscyllium ventriosum (Garman, 1880); from the Greek words cephalo  (with a head) and scyllium  (like a dog or monster) and the Latin ventr  (referring to the belly). Alternate Names: Catshark, puffer shark and balloon shark. Called tiburón inflado, pejegato globo or [...]

Great Whites & Makos —

 Stories like the following seem to crop up every few years, especially at piers in Santa Monica Bay such as Hermosa Beach Pier and the Manhattan Beach Pier. Great whites are illegal, makos are legal, and too many fisherman don’t make the effort to learn the differences. Great white shark isn’t a great catch By [...]