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Oceanside Pier — 2012 Kids Fishing Derby

Beautiful weather, a great crowd of kids, and an enthusiastic group of volunteers helped make the 3rd Annual Oceanside Pier Kids Tournament on August 4, 2012 a great success. Under the sponsorship of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), United Pier and Shore Anglers of California (UPSAC), Oceanside Pier Bait and Tackle, and joined by [...]

Oceanside Pier — 2011 Young Anglers Tournament

What do you get when you mix in a beautiful southern California day, youngsters eager to catch a fish (any fish), and a hard-working group of local and more distant volunteers? The answer in this case was the 2011 UPSAC-IGFA Oceanside Pier Young Anglers Tournament held  August 6, 2011. Getting ready It starts Sign here! [...]

Spotfin Croaker —

Spotfin Croaker — Oceanside Pier Species: Roncador stearnsii (Steindachner, 1876); from the Spanish word roncador (in reference to a snorer) and stearnsii  (referring to Robert E. C. Stearns, a 19th Century sea shell expert in San Francisco). Alternate Names: Spot, spotties, golden croaker or roncador. Called roncador aleta manchada in Mexico. Yellowfin Croaker (Top), Spotfin [...]