2014 Berkeley Kids Tournament

The first of the 2014 UPSAC-IGFA Youth Fishing Derbies was held on June 21 at the Berkeley Pier. The day saw nice weather but a fairly small turnout and slow fishing. Still, judging by the huge smiles and the enthusiasm of the participants, the kids had fun! There was the chance to share time with friends and family, use the free loaner tackle and bait, enjoy a free lunch, and maybe even catch a fish. The winners were: Juliana Li, Tenzin Kunsel, Danika Dougherty, Brianna Cooke, Kimberly Bierman, Ramn Namauleg, Josh Goldston, Hans Jones Jr. and Mack Jones. The main UPSAC helpers were Ken Jones, Robert Gardner and Hans Jones.

The winners!

The UPSAC (United Pier and Shore Anglers of California) Banner

Berkeley Pier

Danika D and her favorite bait!

San Francisco Bay

Ramen N and Josh G

Tenzin K and his Dad

Kimberley B

Juliana L and her family

Juliana L learning how to cast

Danika D and Brianna C and their trophies

Juliana L and her trophy

Josh G and Ramen N with their trophies

Kimberley B and her trophy

Samantha B and her trophy

Mack J and Hans J with their trophies

The Winners

Berkeley Pier and SF Bay



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