Fighting a “Mud Marlin” aka Bat Ray —

Oscar Amaro and a nice-sized “Mud Marlin”

Sometimes it’s not the fish you catch that are interesting but the catch made by others. Such was the bat ray caught the other day (May 6, 2015) at the Manhattan Beach Pier. I was fishing on the pier when Oscar Amaro, a young Marine stationed at Seal Beach, hooked into a nice-sized bat ray and proceeded to fight it for about 20 minutes. Once up to the pier, Oscar, my friend Hashem Nahid, and myself managed to net the fish and bring it up to the pier (in truth, most of the muscle-power being provided by Oscar).  I removed the hook, and Oscar and Hashem lowered it back unharmed to the water to fight another day.

Oscar and Hashem


The “Mud Marlin” aka Bat Ray

Oscar Amaro and his “Mud Marlin”

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