Berkeley Pier — 2011 Kid’s Fishing Derby

Saturday, August 6, 2011 saw an excited group of young anglers at the Berkeley Pier Kid’s Fishing Derby. Amidst a crowd of slightly over 50 people, the young anglers had the chance to fish using free loaner tackle, free bait, and free advice from a dedicated group of local “pier rats.” And though the fishing was slow at first, once the perch, rockfish and jacksmelt started to bite just about every youngster had the chance to land at least a few fish.

UPSAC’s Brian Linebarger answers some questions

More questions

The kids are soon a fishin’

Brian with a jacksmelt

Another jacksmelt

Can anyone say smelt?

The weather and wind were mild and the setting seemed perfect at the famous pier. Famous? The pier is California’s longest, extending 3,000 feet out into San Francisco Bay and was the first (1959) of more than 60 public piers to be renovated with the help of the California Wildlife Conservation Board.

Here fishy, fishy…

A small brown rockfish

Dad and son

You’ve got a smelt

It doesn’t have to be a big fish to make a kid happy!

The derby was also a first. It was the first fishing derby to be held in the Bay Area under the sponsorship of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), United Pier and Shore Anglers of California (UPSAC), and NOAA. The event was the most northern of five kids fishing derbies held in 2011 at piers along California’s coast — Oceanside, Goleta, Avila, Seacliff and Berkeley.

Someone got a striped bass

I want another fish!

Together with the free lunches, there were raffle prizes and free “goody bags” for every youngster—and everybody likes to win a prize.

Some free books

Waiting for more stuff

The Kids!

The final event was the announcement of the various age group winners.

Brian Linebarger checking the point totals to determine the winners

The age group winners were: 6-year-old Tyler Lee, 9-year-old Trinity Arushiro, 10-year-old Hans Jones Jr., 11–year-old Thomas Orozco, 13-year-old Donnell Pearson, and 15-year-old Michael McClendon. The overall Grand Champion was Thomas Orozco who edged out Trinity Arushiro when he caught “one more fish” right at the end of the competition. Each of the age group winners received a new rod and reel, copies of Pier Fishing in California, and a beautiful certificate from the IGFA.

6-Year-Old Winner Tyler Lee

9-Year-Old Winner Trinity Arushiro

10-Year-Old Winner Hans Jones Jr.

11-Year-Old Winner Thomas Orozco

13-Year-Old Winner Donnell Pearson

15-Year-Old Winner Michael McClendon

For Thomas Orozco, who lives in the Bay Area, it was one of several such wins. He has won similar age group divisions at IGFA sponsored events in San Diego and fished at an IGFA event in Florida.

Derby coordinators were UPSAC Board Members Brian Linebarger, Robert Gardner, and Hans Jones who were ably assisted by several members from the (Pier Fishing in California) web site—Victor Hernandez, Nikolaus Linebarger, Ken (surf_fisher), Dave (slowriprun), Gregg (Vitanski), Mr. Anchovy and Snyperjz.

The IGFA supplied loaner rods and reels; UPSAC and NOAA donated the bait, food and terminal tackle.

Individuals and businesses that donated raffle prizes included Ky’s Fishing Goods, and PFIC members Scott (TheFrood), Gregg (Vitanski), Perchhead (Ed).

At the end of the day all agreed the tournament was a great success and were already planning how to make 2012 even better.



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