Trinidad Pier — 2014 Kids Fishing Derby

The 2014 Trinidad Pier Youth Fishing Tournament was held on September 13 at the Trinidad Pier aka the Seascape Pier in Trinidad, California. The derby was sponsored by UPSAC (United Pier and Shore Anglers of California, IGFA (International Game Fish Association), and the Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria dba Seascape Pier.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife set up a booth where they distributed various materials and discussed their “Fishing Passport” program. Left to right: Carrie Wiilson, Ed Roberts and Mary Patyten.

All participants received free loaner tackle, free bait, a free hot dog lunch (cooked up by Ed Roberts), free goody bags containing several items, and raffle tickets to win prizes.

A small cabezon

A cabezon

Another cabezon

A rock greenling

A Pacific mackerel

A white seaperch

A baby rockfish

Following the fishing, and the hot dog lunch, it was time for the announcement of the age group winners. All age group winners received a trophy from UPSAC, a beautiful IGFA certificate, and a copy of Pier Fishing in California by Ken Jones.

Individual age group winners were: 6-year olds and under—Malachi Costa; 7-year olds—Sammy Luna; 8-year olds—Yelena Gulbransen; 9-year olds—Elijah Gulbransen; 10-year olds—Nate Ferguson; 11-year olds—Anthony Eggink; 12-year olds—Levi Robbins; 13-year olds—Charles Evans; 15-year olds—Kaden Lindquist.

UPSAC President Ken Jones announced the winners

6-Year-Olds and Under Winner Malachi Costa

7-Year-Old Winner Sammy Luna

8-Year-Old Winner Yelena Gulbransen

9-Year-Old Winner Elijah Gulbransen

10-year-Old Winner Nate Ferguson

11-Year-Old Winner Anthony Eggink

12-Year-Old Winner Levi Robbins

13-Year-Old Winner Charles Evans

15-Year-Old Winner Kaden Lindquist

Certificates were also awarded to several people who helped set up the derby

UPSAC President Ken Jones gives thanks to Ed Roberts of the California Fish and Wildlife Department and the man whose vision helped establish the Trinidad Derby

UPSAC President Ken Jones offers a big thanks to Leslie Sanders who represented and was the main contact with the Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria  that owns and manages the pier. She also donated a plethora of raffle gifts from her shop at the foot of the pier.

Last but not least was the raffle contest that is always a highlight for the youngsters at the derbies. The Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Ed Roberts, Carrie Wilson and Mary Patyten handed out the gifts.

Planning and organization was carried out by Ken Jones and Ed Roberts while work during the day the of the event was done by Ed Roberts, Carrie Wilson, Mary Patyten and Ken Jones.

Ed Roberts, Mary Patyten, Carrie Wilson and Ken Jones

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