Rockcoddin’ In Monterey — 1977

I ran across some pictures of a “rockcod” trip taken with some friends to Monterey on January 25, 1977. The boat was the “New Holiday” out of Chris’ Fishing and we fished for the most part off of Bixby Creek in pretty deep water. We all limited out on fish but they were not quite the same fish you see today (mostly bigger and some that are no longer allowed to be kept). 

Leaving Fisherman’s Wharf and the waters by Monterey Wharf #2.

We headed down south of Monterey toward the Big Sur coastline and once at our destination began to fish the deep waters. Here’s my friend Del and a nice “rockcod.”

We were fishing in deep water.

My buddy Earl and a nice bag of fish.

John and another and mixed bag of rockcod (rockfish)

More and more fish

Del and a nice bocaccio

A nice yelloweye rockfish (a fish that is now illegal to keep)

A nice mix of rockcod—yelloweye, orange, bocaccio, vermilion, greenstriped, yellowtail, speckled, rosy, China, copper and others — along with a couple of sole and lingcod.

China rockfish

Copper aka whitebelly rockfish

All in all a great day. My totsl for the day, and obviously not all were kept, was 12 orange rockfish, 5 bocaccio (one 6 1/2 pounds), 3 vermilion rockfish (5-6 pounds), 2 yelloweye rockfish (8 and 8 1/2 poounds), 2 greenstriped rockfish, 1 yellowtail rockfish, 1 speckled rockfish, 1 rosy rockfish, 1 starry rockfish, 1 petrale sole and 1 lingcod (12 pounds). Not a bad day. Unfortunately, I was the one taking the pictures and did not get a picture of myself.

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