2005 PFIC/UPSAC Mud Marlin Derby, Berkeley Pier

Date: May 22, 2005 — To: PFIC Message Board — From: gyozadude — Subject: MMGT 2005 Results

A slow night for MMGT goes this year, but not without some fan fare. Only 4 rays weighed in at the scales, for the scores of lines in the water soaking bait.

Weather was calm, and mild, with little wind. And for about 30 minutes, we were treated to fireworks from San Francisco Bay plus a bright shooting star just after dark that got folks wishin’ for bigger fish.

1st Place: John N., (guest of Lala837) 38.5 lbs/39″ caught at 9:10pm
2nd Place: Melvin K. (Mel) 36.5 lbs/ wing span unknown 7:30pm
3rd Place: Robert G. (Red Fish) 9.5lbs/25.5″ – 9:59pm

Hon. Mention: JTF69 – 7lbs/23″ 10:05pm

A total of 82 participants signed into the roster, but the pier was quite crowded with curious pedestrians and other non-affiliated anglers.

The highlight of the competition occurred with the winning fish, which started to nibble at the 12th lamp post down, but only taking a little bit of line. John, our winner, fishing on the north side of the pier, set the hook and then it started to run. First toward shore, but then after 25 yards, it came about and headed west toward the end of the pier and dozens of lines in the water. The ray came closer to the pier and began the journey toward the end crossing under first a dozen lines. Miraculously, it caught no other lines and many anglers pulled up their lines in courtesy.

After 10 minutes, the ray was still battling, but now it had swam within the last four lamp posts toward the end. A massive crowd had assembled to watch the battle. For a short period, the ray went under the pilings, but with patience and persistence, our winner finessed the ray out and landed it after close to a 20-minute battle.

Reports about who was 3rd place were sketchy and down at the 12th lamppost operations tables, we though JohnTheFisherman69 had sealed third. But the Red Fish strolled by and was grinning about having picked up an Abu 5500c3 in the raffle. When we asked him if he’d seen JTF69 and if he knew JTF was aware we had a trophy for him, Red Fish quickly told us that he had caught an even bigger ray. Just then the clipboards with data arrived and confirmed that correction. So we presented Red Fish with the 3rd place trophy and his grin got bigger.

A great mild evening, albeit a slow night for fish. Ken wasn’t sure why but guessed it might be due to the recent freshwater runoffs that could have lowered Bay water temperatures. But it could have also just been in the stars for tonight.

Thanks to all our donors in the raffle, especially UncleSteve of skc-realty.com and Ly’s Sporting and Fishing Goods in San Jose (our platinum sponsors) for giving us a lot of prizes. And thanks to cook Eric Pease (Rita001′s non-angling husband) for cooking up a lot of Philly cheese steak…

As mentioned above, Eric Pease, husband of Rita001 cooked most of Philly Cheese steak. Adam (Baitfish) and wife Rebecca arrived in the nick to time to help run the command center. BTW, it was there 5th anniversary for Adam and Rebecca. They were in SF on vacation, and decided to drop in and say high, and also help out a lot with the raffle. This helped raise close to $400 for UPSAC. Thanks to the prize donors and participants alike.

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