Support Boyd Grant

To: Santa Barbara County Parks Commission
From: Concerned Citizens

Please do whatever is necessary to see that Boyd Grant remains as the “Pier Host” at Goleta Pier. Mr. Grant has tirelessly worked and supported the pier for nearly a decade and has been instrumental in the positive changes that have taken place since he became the “Pier Host” at the Angler Center in 2008.

Whether it is the cleanliness and maintenance of the pier, his education of anglers, his rescue efforts with wildlife, or his role as an ambassador for the county and the pier, his has been an extraordinary job and it would be a real loss to the county if he were to be forced out from the park and the pier.


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Eugene Kim,

Ken Jones,

David Valdes,

Ed de la Torre,
The dismissal of Boyd Grant is just another example of the County's efforts to decimate Goleta Beah Park as well as the entire Parks Dept. from top to bottom. Witness what is being proposed in Goleta Beach 2.0 that involves the removal of 20% of the parking spaces as well as 950' of protection along the landward edge of the grass/ picnic area. Not to mention the relocation of utility lines at a total estimated cost of .5 Million Does this indicate the future of our beloved Goleta Beach Park ??? Ask the Friends of Goleta Beach Park what they think of all this. Chek out the web site.

Gil Loustalot,
Please add my name to the list of county taxpayers protesting the dismissal of Mr. Grant. Brian Roney is not capable of running the Parks Dept. in an acceptable manner.

Julie Raffety,
I cannot understand why you would get rid of a wonderful volunteer! Please reconsider

Joanne St. John,
Please add my voice to those protesting the removal of Boyd Grant from his important volunteer post at the Goleta Pier. As a long-time volunteer for the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, I am deeply grateful for all he does for the community and for our wildlife

Patrick Tsutsumida,
I saw the article in Edhat regarding the dismissal of Boyd Grant by Donna Argus and was appalled by the lack of understanding/common sense of the county parks. Mr. Grant is a huge asset to the safety and cleanliness of the pier. Unfortunately, he is not political in how he approaches his duties…he just does the right thing for the people, the pier, and the environment. Sad to say but that doesn't work these days

Linda Jamali,
Please re-instate Boyd Grant to watch over the pier. So many of our wonderful parks and beaches have been taken over by the gangs and thugs that we, the taxpayers, cannot even use our then anymore. We need volunteers to solve the problems our city/county can't or wont. This is the answer to reclaiming our parks/piers so families and residents can enjoy them again.

June Taylor,
Can you help Boyd Grant, Park Host at the Goleta Pier, retain his position? He does excellent work. This year I received only one pelican with fishing hooks and line from the Goleta Pier as opposed to approximately 40 pelicans from Stearns Wharf and there were many reported that we were not able to catch because they could fly. Last week, I sent a pelican to International Bird Rescue (IBR) in San Pedro with severe hook injuries in its leg joint. Sadly, it had to be euthanized due to nerve damage in the joint from the fishing hooks. Yesterday, I got another pelican from the Stearns Wharf area also with severe hook injuries and cannot stand. Whether it will survive is questionable since it may lose its leg. The Santa Barbara pier has no one like Boyd to monitor the fishing and without him there, at our Goleta Pier, that pier would also be a death trap for seabirds. Please help him keep his position as Park Host so that he can continue volunteering, educating fishermen and visitors about safe fishing practices. Thank you, June

Christoph Pierre,
Mr. Roney, I am writing in regards to Boyd Grant and his contract dismissal at Goleta Beach Park. I have worked intimately with the county, Goleta Beach park rangers and service technicians, and Mr. Grant for the past 5 years and feel compelled to express my dismay at the news of his departure from the park. Mr. Grant plays a key role in UCSB's ability to launch and retrieve boats from Goleta Pier and conduct biological, physical, and oceanographic research. By maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of day to day pier and park amenities, Mr. Grant aids the teaching and research mission of the university. I am fearful that without Mr. Grants daily presence and effort,. the pier will slowly decay into dis-function. These are concerns that are held by many faculty and staff here at UCSB. So as not to drone on about the importance of Mr. Grant to the pier, fishing community, and UCSB, I will end by formally requesting that you consider the value that he provides to the county and particularly Goleta Beach park. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Christoph Pierre — Christoph Pierre Marine Operations Supervisor Collector/Naturalist Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology Department University of California, Santa Barbara

karen krulevitch,
please reinstate this dedicated volunteer.

Totch Winn,
So the volunteer is on a time clock? Good grief, he is doing a great job for a place to park. Be grateful to have someone willing to do what he is doing. Boyd obviously cares about the area.

Diana Wolf,
Please see that Mr. Grant is reinstated at Goleta beach. Thank you, Diana Wolf

Christine Knight,
I've read online at (Santa Barbara edition) that Boyd is being ousted from his semi-Park Host position, and that there's a petition circling to keep him on. The link provided sent me here. I bought your book a few years ago after meeting Boyd at Goleta Pier when I was a struggling "newbie" fisherperson. I was born in Goleta, love the Pier, and love how Boyd has transformed it. I'd love to sign the petition in his support.

Marjorie Lopez,
The difference between the " Haves and the Have nots" Is very pronounced in SB/ Goleta. Any one willing to work should be appreciated for what they do. It is only the those with the mind set of screw you first before you can get me that perpetuate that concept. I like this comment and hope more people will learn how to trust their fellow man and recognize a good deed for what it is. "Your attitude terrifies me. It is a symptom of much that is wrong with our society. Common sense was thrown out and replaced with legal shenanigans and fears. Quit suing everyone over everything. Laws, politics, bureaucracy, and the evil effects of money and greed will be the death of us all. This was a common sense fair trade — favors rendered for favors rendered."

Robert Locker,
Fire the Parks Director! THe guy has no knowledge of what he is doing and should be removed! Restore B. Grants activity and get the Parks People to pay him! I grew up in Goleta..and on the Pier everday! I left SB/Gol because as idiots put in charge – like B. Roney!

Please allow this fine gentleman to continue volunteering!

Charles Lipka,
All I can say is that Boyd has been doing an amazing job out at the Goleta Pier. I used to go regularly over the past 10 years and honestly the past 3 years or so since Boyd has been volunteering as the Pier host, he has cleaned up and made it more of a family place. I love taking my daughter out there and she has been going to the pier regularly for ever since she was 6 months old. Now that I know Boyd is leaving the end of this month because of the buerocratic bullshit that he has experienced it, sad. Now I don't think after September 30, 2011 I will be even bringing my niece to the pier let alone my 2 year old daughter!

Doreen Suchman,
Please add my name to your petition, or if that is not possible, email me a copy of the petition and I will sign it and have anyone else I know who is happy with the clean up at the Goleta Pier since he stared living there in his RV sign it. I am not a fisherman, I just enjoy the park and the pier.

Dusty Miller,
Boyd Grant is synonymous with pier fishing in Goleta. He conceived, campaigned for and runs the fishing information booth on the pier. he is a friend to families, and provides a safe environment for kids and others to visit the pier and does his best to spread the good word on fishing, educates the public on types of fish, statistics on local catches, and watches the welfare of local seabirds and enforces catch limits. without Boyd, the pier would not be the same. He is a mainstay of the community and should be reinstated, with a revised contract that allows for his health and safety needs. Boyd is more important than Roney. Keep Boyd, dump Roney

Susan Horne,
Please consider keeping Boyd Grant at his volunteer post at Goleta Beach . He is contibuting to the safety and beauty of the park.

Jason Stalboerger (Burger),
I e-mailed Ms. Wolf & Mr. Roney and the response was – Thank you for your kind comments on Mr. Grant’s work at the pier. We plan to meet with the Angler Center to develop a new Memorandum of Understanding so we can continue this important partnership…Let us hope that means that Boyd will be back…

Robert Gardner,

Edward Nassarre,

Don Bell,

Kiyo Sato,
Why get rid of the good guys!

Charles Belnavis,

Andrew Acevedo,


John G.,
Please re-instate Boyd Grant

james choi,

Steve Orr,

Capt. David Bacon,
Boyd Grant is a major reason why Goleta Pier is such a great fishing destination and why it remains a safe and viable fishing destination for families. Let's keep Boyd on the job. Just think about how many people he has helped catch their first fish!

mike lazar,
Please re-instate Boyd Grant to watch over the pier.

John Heitzenrater,

Jun Dimagmaliw,
Boyd will be a huge loss for folks that he assist not only on the pier but at the park as well. No one is more able and willing than Boyd.

Scott Parker,
While not a frequent visitor to Goleta Pier or resident of Santa Barbara county, I am a member of the pierfishing community and the Goleta Pier is a cut above many others in the state for the sole reason that it has a full time pier host. The arguments I have seen against Mr. Grant all seem to stem from the perception that UPSAC, for whatever reason, is the primary beneficiary of Mr. Grant's labors (The farsical claims that he does not meet his mandatory 20 hour service obligation will not even be addressed). The simple fact of the matter is that while UPSAC may receive minimal benefit from Mr. Grant's work as pier host, the majority of what he does simply improves the atmosphere and conditions at the pier itself… effectively doubly benefitting the county. These claims being made and the actions being taken just defy common sense.

To whom it may concern, Dismissal of Mr. Boyd grant would be a worst case of government bureaucracy that is going to effect the Goleta community. Mr. Grant has been an ambassador to the Goleta pier and has worked tirelessly and without pay at the Goleta pier. Long before the Angler center, Mr. Grant has cleaned the pier because of his care and love of the environment effecting the pier. A use of piece of land in return for the 20 plus hours that Mr. Grant is required to put in is the best bang for the buck the community of Goleta can get. What a bargain. Please do not let this opportunity get away. Re-instate Mr. Grant. Thank you.

Why is this gentleman a well know and liked camp host being harassed? Mr Grant dedicates his life to the good of man and you punish him? With my tax dollars? Shame on you, please use some common sense! I'll be sending emails to my congressman, as this is a huge wrong for the state of California.

Hans Jones,
Removing Boyd Grant from the Angler Center would be a great loss to everybody who uses the pier and surrounding area.

Ryan Brown,
This gentleman does a great service to the community. I sincerely hope the situation is resolved that he will remain as-is.


Vinh ta,

I have seen many piers in need of volunteers like Boyd Grant. Goleta is lucky to have him.

Chinnu Xiong,
Removing Boyd is a great mistake. Not only does he work endlessly, his efforts have improved the quality of the pier for everyone to enjoy. His efforts have put smiles on so many faces. Firing him is a disservice to the community.

Brian Linebarger,
Removing Mr. Grant from the park/pier would be a huge mistake on the part of the INTERIM parks director. I have fished many piers up & down the State, and have found Goleta to be one of my favorites even though I live 300 miles away. Retain Boyd!!

Melvin Kon,

Glen Gustavson-Falck,
Goleta Pier was once a rickety, disheveled pier that was often strewn with trash and defiled by graffiti. Until Boyd Grant volunteered his time and the Angler Center came into being. What a night and day difference! Now it is a pleasant place for all to enjoy. Sure, it's a fisherman's paradise where anglers of all walks of life and skill sets can enjoy the facilities and the helpful advice–but it is also a gem that each visitor will cherish. You feel safe there bringing your family, and this is due to the dedication and hard work by Mr Grant. It is a sad mistake to dismiss him after all he has done.

Vernona Kay Fath,
He has proven his worth so by all means keep him.

Ross Kestin,
Boyd Grant provides a valuable service to the people of Goleta. Please allow him to continue to do so!

Please re-instate Boyd Grant.

Ung Ngo,
Please re-instate Mr.Grant.

Donna Sweet,

Alex Campos,

Dale Nulph,

John Rosser,
Boyd Grant has done nothing but exemplary work. Let him stay!!!


Isaac Middendorf,

Jeff Ishikawa,
You guys are really lucky to have someone like Boyd to help take care of your pier at Goleta – it would really be your loss to lose him. It's not everyone who could or would dedicate so much of their time to care for a county resource as he does. I know how much he cares about the pier, the local fishing community, and the natural resources and wildlife surrounding the Goleta Pier – so please do all you can to let him remain as the host there. His efforts in keeping the pier clean and safe, educating local anglers and operating the pier angler center will be sorely missed if he cannot remain on-board.

Greg Tsujiuchi,
Please keep these types of partnerships in place. It greatly minimizes the need for tax payers dollars by eliminating the need for another employee or taking the precious time away from an existing employee.

I have visited the Goleta Pier and was very impressed with the Angler Center and the gentleman staffing it, Boyd Grant. The pier is an asset to your community, and so is Boyd Grant. Eliminating his services will ultimately cost the county both money for pier upkeep and goodwill from pier visitors. This is a very short-sighted action which I hope you will rescind!

Toshiyuki Musha,

Lynard Santiago,

Gabriel Martin,

Patrick Freeman,
Please keep Boyd around as "Pier Host".

Frank Lee,
Mr. Grant has helped create a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere for those visiting the Goleta Pier.

Alan Huey,
Like Brian, ICA2 says, "Like any family we may have differences and personality conflicts between our members, but like my Grandmother used to say, when the chips are down, you take on 1 of us, you take on all of us". This man, Boyd Grant, has provided a valuable service to the community and it is a shame and an affront to common sense to have him dismissed for no good reason. I would hope that the county parks dept unlike some others would take common sense into consideration in their decisions. bass_turd77

Matthew Shockney,
Please do not oust Boyd Grant!


Sam Sweet,
Dear Mr. Roney,

Over the last few days I have heard disturbing news about Boyd Grant's dismissal as Goleta Pier host. I have now seen your letter to Ken Jones alleging that Boyd was working less than the required 20 hours per week, as determined by Ms. Spencer. I have not followed Boyd with a stopwatch, and thus cannot differentiate 18 hours from 25, or whatever. However, I visit Goleta Pier frequently and have always found Boyd there when he was "supposed" to be, particularly in the early morning hours. I would be surprised to see documentation that Boyd spends fewer than 20 hours per week on his tasks.

I am additionally confused that you claim that Boyd has worked "exclusively" for UPSAC, rather than to advance the County's interests on the pier. I find this allegation really absurd. Boyd routinely does the following things:

1. He examines the entire pier at first light, and picks up the often significant quantities of garbarge, kelp, waste fishline and other materials left by overnight anglers. He also washes down the benches, and takes note of any hazardous conditions that he cannot rectify himself. This happens *before* any but the earliest pier users are out, and it has two effects that I find hard to deem exclusively for the benefit of UPSAC: (a) the pier is clean and presents a positive image; (b) the pier is safe, and the County has some assurance that many potential sources of liability have been resolved. How is this not a benefit to the County?

2. Boyd is present at the angler center during all heavy-use periods on the pier, and his presence is known and predictable, unlike uniformed Park staff. This has several consequences, that I do not think lean to the benefit of UPSAC at all.

(a) Boyd greets any and all who display interest, and he invests a great deal of time in helping novice fishermen, particularly families with children. I really doubt that these people go home thinking "Boy, UPSAC is a great organization"; instead, I will wager they credit Boyd's help and enthusiasm to County Parks, as in "Parks has a guy out there who really knows what he's doing and loves to help". It would be only the fishermen who are already aware of UPSAC who link Boyd to the organization, I think. When UPSAC hosts fishing clinics at the pier, I would argue that the County gets free good publicity. Frankly, I do not see the County doing a goddamned thing on the pier, if you want to get obnoxious about it.

(b) Boyd deters all manner of rowdiness, mostly by virtue of the fact that he is there, and is known to politely request pier users to keep it a family atmosphere. I have fished at Goleta Pier since 1978, and quit doing so for extended periods because of gang activity, hooligans, drinking and vandalism. There were many occasions when it was simply not safe to visit the pier, and the County was doing little or nothing to correct that. The restrooms that became the angler center were filthy, covered with graffiti and full of drug paraphernalia, the benches were spray-painted and chopped up, and the pier itself was littered wth broken glass, used needles, spray paint cans and garbage. This ALL CHANGED quite abruptly when Boyd came on board. He cleaned it up, he looked at the hoodlums, they knew he kept track, and they took their misbehavior elsewhere. Please tell me how that exclusively benefits UPSAC and has no nexus with the County's interests?

3. Boyd routinely asks that paddle-boarders, kayakers, boaters, swimmers and scuba divers remain clear of the pier. He is also alert to individuals in the water in places and at distances that the beach lifeguards cannot easily monitor. I do not see how these activities benefit UPSAC, but they certainly benefit public safety, and thus advance the County's interests.

4. Boyd assists with injured wildlife, and his presence deters harassment of birds and marine mammals.

Thus, I am specifically disputing Ms. Spencer's allegations on the basis of long-term and frequent observations of what Boyd Grant actually does on the pier. I am providing these comments to UPSAC as well as to you, and if I am dissatisfied with your response, I will continue to Supervisor Wolf and local media. You may not be aware that Boyd has been nominated as a Local Hero to the Santa Barbara Independent for his efforts in turning the pier from a liability into an asset.

May I have your reply to my observations and comments, at your early convenience.


Samuel S. Sweet

Gabriella West, writer,
Please add my voice to the eloquent chorus of voices asking for Boyd Grant to stay on as pier host. It is clear from the comments above that he's been a wonderful asset to Goleta Pier… and indeed, has helped people all his life (I'm not sure how many people know that Boyd was a social worker for many years). It seems in fact that the parks commission is getting a real bargain in exchange for Mr. Grant's dedicated services… As a Santa Barbara native who has resided in Northern California for many years, it's my hope that the county parks commission will reconsider their decision once they see how valuable Boyd is to the community!

Glenn Langnes,
We need volunteers like him more than ever.

Mr Grant is a role model, and without his presence at the pier, things will go downhill, and fast. Having a passionate person at such a location does rub off of other people in the area, and because of this goleta pier is one of the top piers in california.


Jed Lim,

A great educator and public servant, reinstate him!

Thien Nguyen,

Tim Fitzgerald,

Steven Stamatis,

Michael J. Spence,
If all the other Hosts and Parks Directors/Supervisors the county has working for them were as dedicated and concerned about their area as Boyd is of the Goleta park and pier, The County of Santa Barbara would have the greatest park system in the western U.S. at a fraction of the cost(my tax dollars, as I'm a resident of Santa Barbara CO). I wonder where everyone else is at 0400 hrs. everyday when Boyd is out cleaning the pier/park, I'll bet they're still sleeping. Me thinks they're getting rid of the wrong person.


satoshi kuwahara,

Arcadian Duran,
Boyd Grant is a major reason why Goleta Pier is such a great fishing destination and why it remains a safe and viable fishing destination for families. Let's keep Boyd on the job. Why take away something that is so wonderful to patron on the pier and off. Why would anyone want something like this to disappear?? A Diamond in the Rough!!

Rick Duenas,

Richard McIntosh,



Arlo Claveria,


Kevin Swenson,
Mr. Grant deserves better, as do the county's residents and visitors… Do the right thing, Please!

Pete Wolf,

morgan raimond,

Ed Hernandez,


Jay Tam,
Please let him stay!

David Schuler,

Martin R. Malone,
When will these people learn? Boyd, ol'friend, no good deed goes un-punished! Good luck Bro!…mutt.


please reconsider

david flora,

PeterAllen O,
Fight On, Boyd!

While visiting Santa Barbara on vacation, I stopped by Goleta Pier after hearing what a nice pier it was and after seeing it I too agree that it is. By chance, I stopped to speak to a gentleman on the pier who was more than glad to answer my questions about the pier and the area. I could sense that he took pride in the pier and I was glad that I met him. I later found out weeks later that I had met Mr. Boyd and that he was in large part an asset to the upkeep of the pier. It would be a shame to lose someone who has a genuine interest in the appearance and care of the pier and a true host of the community.

stephen guittard,

Daniel (Super Smelt),
I've seen so much of Boyd has done for the pier on, and he has only fought to improve the pier and make it a better place for everyone.

Donald Evans,

Mike Nickolaus,

josh rider,

Adam Cassidy,
Boyd is as essential to the Goleta pier as the pilings and deck. He has a love for the pier as a living breathing animal and his presence has helped both human and animal visitors. His absence would be a true detriment to the county, the pier and future visitors. Please allow him to stay.


Roy Qi,
To Whom it may Concern, Just wanted to say that I have been fishing at Goleta Pier regularly for the last five years and believe that Boyd Grant has been a valuable resource. While I cannot say that I know exactly what his duties are, I find it impossible to imagine that he has not met them and exceeded them. He always seems to be present for his hours during the pier's busiest times educating and answering any questions. He has also helped to clean and maintain the pier and ensures the pier is always an enjoyable place to be. While I rarely get up early enough to run into him during his morning cleaning operations, every time I have awoken early enough he has been there. I do not understand why his work would be brought into question and believe that he is an amazing asset to the County and should be welcomed to continue his work. Roy


Benjamin R. Acker,
My family and I are avid fishermen, and Goleta pier has been like a second home to us for many years. As a middle school educator and administrator for the last 12 years, I have been sending students and their families to Goleta– fully 130 miles from my school in Arcadia, CA– because of all the wonderful things Santa Barbara offers. My advice has always included "find Boyd Grant… He will help you and your kids have a great time at Goleta.". This advice has been even more valuable of late, with the recent addition of the Angler Center on the pier. Former students of mine at UCSB have sought advice from Boyd on fishing, diving, wildlife, and the history of the pier and the adjacent slough. He is an asset to the community, an ambassador and an advocate for Goleta Park, and an unpaid volunteer. I have personally witnessed Boyd in the park and on the pier before the sun rises, picking up trash, sanitizing the restrooms, and scrubbing the pier railings and sinks, to name a few of the tasks Boyd completes for a cost to the city of ZERO Dollars. At a time of economic trouble and budgetary cutbacks, e Parks department sees fit to terminate a volunteer and close the free public service Angler Center? Seriously… Please reconsider this decision, and restore common sense to this situation. Please reinstall Boyd as the Park host at Goleta Beach without delay.

Northern Boy,
Kicking out Boyd is madness, he works for free to keep the pier in great shape. Please reinstate him!

MJ Kennedy,
Simply put we need MORE people like Boyd Grant! MJ Kennedy, Deputy Director Kayak Fishing Assoc. of California, Former MLPA South Coast Regional Stakeholder Group Member, UCSB Researcher


james martin,

Michael Corden,

Ashlii Norton,
In support of Boyd Grant remaining as Pier Host for Goleta Pier..

Richard Santiago,
Boyd Grant's reputation as an ambassador for the Goleta pier reaches even the northern part of the state. Why ruin a positive situation for Goleta?

Shanna Ruiz,

John Holub,



Michael Studdard,
why would you want to lose such a great resource for the young and old fisherperson who wants to learn


Anthony Crifasi,


Alex Artemenko,

dave harris,

John Hedstrom,
I've fished off the Goleta pier several times and have met and spoke with Boyd Grant. I really appreciate all the work that he has done and would like him to continue as the Pier Host.

Kyle Oakes,

edward concepcion,

Cynthia Britton,
Mr. Grant has done an amazing job. Without him, the pier will not be as wonderful as it has been. This decision should be rethought.

Stacy Hardcastle,
I support Ken Jones.

This is baffling! In a recession where cuts are being made and our parks are more vulnerable than ever, why would you dismiss such a dedicated and invaluable volunteer? Something is not right here, and the county needs to be more transparent. As a taxpayer, I urge you to reinstate Mr. Grant and do a better job of communicating with the community as to why certain decisions are being made.

Daniel Shim,
Whenever I drive through Highway 101 on my business trips, I make an effort to stop by Goleta pier to go fishing or just to enjoy the beautiful scenery. One thing that I am very impressed with this pier is the cleanliness of it. Being an avid fisherman, I have visited many piers throughout the state of California; and Goleta pier is by far one of the best well-kept piers. I know that the instrumental reason for that is Mr. Boyd Grant. Losing Mr, Grant will create a negative impact to this pier and to its beach. Please reconsider the long-term future consequences this will have on the entire area.

Stanley Baltar,
I even live in Nevada

Porfavor no es necesario dejar a una persona extradoniara como el SR Boyd Grant. Please see that Mr. Grant is reinstated at Goleta it would be a great lost to whole fishing and pier lover community.

Makiko van Haaster,


Jackson Hayes,

Franklyn Torre,


Tony Lee,


susan acker,
please dont make it an uly thing to " volunteer "…people still WANT to be helpful, useful and "love life"…please let boyd and us do that. thank you!

Stanley Quon,
You complain about not having programs due to budget constraints and you do something like this. You should be embarrased for such actions.

Arvin Reyes,
To take a man off of his position to clean up, maintain, host, and oversee the wellbeing of a fishing pier, making it a more FAMILY friendly environment is an act of lunacy. You take away the factor that makes this place inviting, a volunteer at that, and you open it up to litter, poaching, vandalism, riff raff, and who knows what else. Instead of forcing him out, his efforts should be recognized by the STATE and a similar ambassador be instated to each pier in california. Lord knows we need them!

Brian Groves,
Please reinstate Mr. Grant.

Gip Glore,
a great and well informed local historian. Very helpfull gentleman.

Paul Mansfield,

We need Boyd!

Boyd's the best! Showed me how to fish!

kevan strube,

Paul J Ladden,

Megan Malone,
Please reinstate Boyd Grant as the pier host at Goleta pier.

Chris Bonner,

Amanda Bruscella,
I am not a resident but I am an outraged citizen!

Nigeria Butler,
I have known Boyd for years and fish with him amny times. He loves talking to people and being there at the pier. You have my support buddy and me and my family will be moving to Santa Babara In August 2012 from AZ.

Thomas Vo,

Charles Gass,
This guy takes his fishing seriously and he's a natural-born teacher. Don't waste a valuable resource- there aren't many of them.

Ryan Kuykendall,
Please reconsider this decision. Boyd has been an amazing asset to the community in general in goleta. I am of the firm belief that he has done more and worked harder as a volunteer then any paid park employee will do. This is a huge mistake and needs to be reconsidered NOW!



Paul osborne,
Boyd leaving means poachers being unmonitored….. Come on SB county…..

Kin Lee,
Please re-instate Boyd Grant to watch over the pier. As the state of California continues to struggle with its budgeting woes, it is likely that CA parks will continue to need dedicated volunteers. Individuals that are dedicated to maintain the recreational area's enjoyability are what our communities need. Please reconsider your decision and reinstate Mr. Grant.


Steven Barcellos,
To who it may concern, Boyd Grant has worked tirelessly to make Goleta Pier a Safe, informative and pleasant place to fish. It would be a mistake to remove him from his duties. His knowledge and willingness to teach others is only surpassed by his overwhelming commitment to the community. Goleta Pier will suffer a huge loss with his departure.

Kelly Cruise,

raymond e. bermudez,
boyd is a great person & he cares

Rey Herrera,
Please add my name to your petition, and reinstate Mr. Boyd Grant as “Pier Host” at Goleta Pier.


nathan dunlap,

Juan Jimenez,
I’m with you guys

Rellis Smith,
Only been there a couple of times but it is one of the nicest, cleanest piers I have seen

Ken Santo,

Dominic Alvarez,

Michael Hale,

Daniel Castellanos,
This person needs to reinstated asap

Eric Harnden,
Boyd Grant is the heart of the Goleta Pier. His tireless efforts help to make this pier and beach one to be proud of. Without him, I doubt there is any reason I would continue to visit the area and support the local economy. – Riverside County Resident

chris alldredge,
the mans been there since before you were born!!!

Jimmy Paxson,
It would be a real pity to lose this true asset to the fishing community.

Brian Luna,

Daniel Menold,

Pravin Singh,

David Luu,

Alex Nieves,

Justice Edwards,

Ben Xiong,


Dennis Pepa,

Supporting fellow pier rats for SF Bay

please reconsider boyds removal from his duties he is passoniate about fishing and wildlife and we need people like boyd to continue our outdoor experiences for our children for generations to come boyds enjoys what he does please allow boyd to continue in his postion.

Ed Miller,
I have been away from fishing for the past number of months because I have been working on my wife's and son's citizenship stuff. The good news is that they are now U.S. Citizens. The bad is that, from what I read, Boyd is now longer the backbone of what's made Goleta Pier a great place to fish. Having not been out to the pier recently, I can only bet that the condition of the pier is terrible. Boyd's efforts to make the Goleta Pier a better great place for all has been washed away by just a few uncaring people.

My best wishes to Boyd and all of those who have

been encouraged by his greatness. His efforts are, I'm sure, sorely missed by all who have had the opportunity see all that he had done.

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