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Bat Ray

Order Myliobatidiformes —  Eagle Rays — Family Myliobatididae — Bat Ray A bat ray from Fortman Marina in Alameda Species: Myliobatis californica (Gill, 1865); from the Greek words myl (a tooth or molar), io (an arrow or poison), batis (a skate or ray) and the Latin word Californica  (referring to location). Apparently called aetobatus californica [...]

The 27th Annual Kids Day on the Pier Junior Angler Tournament at the Marin Rod & Gun Club Pier

Saturday, August 1, 2015, saw a beautiful 84-degree day at the Marin Rod & Gun Club in San Rafael, California, home venue the for the 27th Annual “Kids Day on the Pier Junior Angler Tournament.” The event, hosted by the Marin Rod & Gun Club and United Pier and Shore Anglers of California, saw 37 [...]

Bat Ray Weight and Length?

A bat ray from Newport Harbor Can we measure the width of a bat ray and come up with a reliable weight? That was the question posed a few years ago, a question followed by a thread on Pier Fishing In California that tried to answer the question. I’m not too sure how accurate the [...]

Fighting a “Mud Marlin” aka Bat Ray —

Oscar Amaro and a nice-sized “Mud Marlin” Sometimes it’s not the fish you catch that are interesting but the catch made by others. Such was the bat ray caught the other day (May 6, 2015) at the Manhattan Beach Pier. I was fishing on the pier when Oscar Amaro, a young Marine stationed at Seal [...]

Mud Marlin Derby Logo’s

In 2015 we will be celebrating the 14th annual Mud Marlin Derby at the Berkeley Pier (6 p.m.-12 midnight). One of the things I always enjoy is seeing the various logos that are proposed by “Pier Fishing In California” members. Here’s a sampling — The 2002 Logo A 2004 entry by Lucy Phillips Proposals for [...]