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2006 PFIC/UPSAC Catalina Get Together (1)

Stuck in Catalina With the Bonito Blues Again — Written for and dedicated to Mahigeer (Hashem Nahid) when he was seeking out his first bonito at Catalina in 2006. Although the rest of the UPSAC/PFIC gang were pulling in the boneheads, poor old Hashem just couldn‘t seem to hook one. However, that has now been [...]

2006 PFIC/UPSAC Catalina Get Together (2)

Cabrillo Mole — Pictures continued from 5th Annual PFIC/UPSAC Catalina Get Together — 2006 (1) SteveO and a bonito Jimbojack with an opaleye Here’s looking at you! The Mole and UPSAC Banner Omar, his son and a sheephead Baitfish helping Orkspace land a fish Ark and a bonito Rita waiting for a bite Another sheephead [...]

2005 PFIC/UPSAC Catalina Get Together

Date: April 25, 2005 —To: PFIC Message Board — From: Ken Jones — Subject: Catalina 2005 — Another Catalina Weekend Day 1 — Thursday, April 21, 2005 — As for myself, I took off at 3 a.m. on Thursday morning and headed south on I-5. I knew I was cutting it short since I had [...]

2004 PFIC/UPSAC Goleta Pier Get Together

Goleta Pier — July 31 2004 Various pictures from the PFIC/UPSAC Goelta Pier Get Together We know it was a wonderful event, one filled with good will, good food, and some good fishing but we’re still trying to find the old PFIC Message Board posts on the event Trying to get a group photo — [...]

2003 PFIC/UPSAC Goleta Pier Get Together

Date: July 14, 2003; To: PFIC Message Board; From: Songslinger; Subject: Thank You, Pierhead! Pierhead came through, did he not? And to think that, for a tense moment in the dawn, there was a dangerous brush with the Total Immersion Morality Moms. Until it morphed into maturedotcom esther williams choreography. Dude. You will have to [...]