Marin Rod & Gun Club —27th Annual “Kids Day on the Pier”

Saturday, August 1, 2015, saw a beautiful 84-degree day at the Marin Rod & Gun Club in San Rafael, California, home venue the for the 27th Annual “Kids Day on the Pier Junior Angler Tournament.” The event, hosted by the Marin Rod & Gun Club and United Pier and Shore Anglers of California, saw 37 young anglers enjoying a great day on the quarter-mile-long pier that sits on San Pablo Bay.  Luckily there were a lot of fish, some decent-sized fish  (including a nice striped bass), and some unusual fish, the latter including two shovelnose guitarfish, fish more common to Southern California waters.

The club is one of the oldest in the state and, in my opinion, one of the best

7:30 in the morning and the bottom of the low tide; water will be moving in for the derby!

Club members pass through this bait house to reach the pier

Registration with Rita Magdamo

Marin Rod & Gun Club loaner rods (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

UPSAC loaner rods (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

A nice brown smoothhound shark

This young lady was the five-year-old winning angler

The club gave each entrant a trophy, a rod and reel, and a delicious hot dog lunch. In addition, there were age group winners and special category winners. Each of the winners received a beautiful certificate from the International Game Fish Association and an autographed copy of Pier Fishing in California by Ken Jones.

What’s better than a day on a pier over the water?

A small leopard shark

It turned into a beautiful day!

Smiles: just what we like to see.

 The “Largest Sportfish” Award was won by Brian Lowe with a 22-inch, 4-lb, 3-oz striped bass. The “Largest Non-Sportfish” Award was won by Thomas Orozco with a 37-inch shovelnose guitarfish. The Award for “Most Fish” was won by Thomas Orozco who caught seven fish including the shovelnose guitarfish, a leopard shark, two bat rays, and three jacksmelt.

The largest sportfish, a 22-inch, 4-lb, 3-oz striped bass

The largest non-sportfish, a 37-inch shovelnose guitarfish

Waitin’ for a bite!

Another brown smoothhound

Judge Kyle Pease checking out a jacksmelt (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

This young lady was happy with her jacksmelt (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

She’s got a bat ray (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

A brown smoothhound shark (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

A leopard shark (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

Another leopard shark (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

Fish caught during the derby included striped bass, jacksmelt, leopard sharks, brown smoothhound sharks, bat rays, shovelnose guitarfish, and California halibut

A baby leppie!

Havin’ fun!

A gnarly smile goes with a gnarly looking shovelnose guitarfish! (Picture courtesy of Hans Jones)

Family time

It doesn’t have to be a big fish to get a guy excited as seen with this jacksmelt

A San Francisco fan

Several bat ray aka mud marlins were caught

A small mud marlin held in the proper manner. Never hold them via their so-called ears!

A small striped bass (Picture courtesy of Hans Jones)

John Evans was the announcer

The IGFA (International Game Fish Association) certificate that was given to each age group winner as well as to the winner for “Largest Fish” and “Most Fish” (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

The age group winners: 3-Year-Old—Liam Connell; 5-Year-Old—Lena Klyashchitsky; 6-Year-Old—Jake Barnes; 7-Year-Old—Michael Montero; 8-Year-Old—Michael Ng; 11-Year-Old—Dylan Montero; 12-Year-Old—Joshua Klyashchitsky; 13-Year-Old—Brian Lowe; 14-Year-Old—Hans Jones; 15-Year-Old—Thomas Orozco.

Thomas Orozco won three awards—the 15-year-old category, most fish (7), and largest non-sportfish, a 37-inch guitarfish.

Liam Connell was the 3-year-old winner.

Lena Klyashchitsky was the 5-Year-Old winner

Jake Barnes was the 6-Year-Old winner (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

Michael Montero was the 7-Year-Old winner (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

Michael Ng was the 8-Year-Old winner (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

Dylan Montero was the 11-Year-Old winner (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

Joshua Klyashchitsky was the 13-Year-Old winner (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

Hans Jones was the 14-Year-Old winner (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

Missing — 13-Year-Old Winner and also winner of “Largest Sport Fish” — Brian Lowe

Ken Jones (UPSAC), Derby Chairman Gary Colemere and Assistant Chairman Roy (Sarge) Jackson (Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo)

The event this year was chaired by Gary Colemere who was assisted by Roy (Sarge) Jackson and Joe Morrison. The Awards Announcer was John Evans. Judges on the pier were Kyle Pease, Alex Poon, John Evans, and “Sharkey.” Handling registration was the club’s Kate Schultz and Rita Magdamo from UPSAC. The UPSAC troops were led by President Ken Jones, Board Members Brian Linebarger, Robert Gardner, and Hans Jones along with Rita Magdamo.

What a beautiful day for a fishing derby and what a beautiful setting for a pier!

For additional information about the Marin Rod & Gun Club check out their website:




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