A Short Visit to the Paradise Park Pier

Last Friday I was able to make a short visit to the Paradise Park Pier. Although at one time it was one of my favorite piers, I hadn’t been there is several years. The fishing was slow but I still enjoyed the beautiful scenery at one of the nicest piers on the bay.

You park at the upper end of the park, walk down to the pier, and are greeted by the juxtaposition of pier and bay — a beautiful setting.

A day filled with boats and ferries on the bay.

The entrance to the pier

Pictures of some nice fish

Welcome to the pier

This guy and his girlfriend caught about a half dozen bat rays while I was there, all on squid. I tried some salted herring that I had for bait but didn’t get a bite although blood worms produced some perch and a really big jacksmelt.

He knew what he was doing both as to how to catch and handle the bat rays

It’s on the deck

A good old mud marlin even if a small one

The end

The fish warning sign

A nice idea on storing fish regulations

The pier was pretty well empty most of the time I was there

One of the fish caught was a baby 7-gill shark

The girlfriend caught the 7-gill

Looking shoreward

The park

Nice grassy areas as well as bar-b-que areas right near the pier

It’s a busy bay

Boats, boats and more boats

The fish cleaning station

The inshore area is the main area for perch

After two hours I had to head out to my motel in Petaluma. No rays and no sharks on my heavier rigging, four walleye surfperch and one BIG jacksmelt on my light rig. Not much in the way of fish but still a great visit just for the scenery and relaxation.

It was now a short walk uphill to the car


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