2006 PFIC/UPSAC Mud Marlin Derby, Berkeley Pier

Date: June 25, 2006 — To: PFIC Message Board — From: Ken Jones — Subject: Mud Marlin Derby 2006

It was 105 degrees in Ukiah when we left the wedding we were attending and hurried down to Berkeley… where the temperature was 59, the sun was missing, and the wind was blowing. I didn’t even try to fish but had a chance to say hi to many of the 70+ people in attendance who were braving the elements. And, had a chance to introduce Mrs. Jones to the event and some of the people she has heard me mention. Not too many fish (actually none while I was there) but a friendly group as always and hot coffee out at the end. Thanks to all who organized the event, provided prizes, and did the 101 things that are necessary when hosting such a shindig. I’ll let GDude and Redfish provide a more thorough report but thanks to all of you, both for attending the Mud Marlin Derby and being members of the Pier Fishing In California family.

Posted by grammar police — I had a blast Ken, ’twas good meeting Ms. Jones. Yes, a successful event is never complete without thanking those who gave their time, effort, and money. Looking forward to number 6. Long live the Raffle King! Thank you Gdude (times 2), RedFish, SSC and Ms. Bob (Sorry never caught your wife’s name!), Rita and Eric, all judges (1014, MM, etc.). My hat is off, once again for you fine men and women. A special shout out to Mr. & Ms. BaitChucker for providing the fine reel to match my new 10′ custom G-dude!

Quote of the night: “Is Joey here? I want to buy raffle tickets before he arrives or buys the whole roll!” Best advise for the night: Buying raffle tickets every 20 mins. or a chunk here and there till their gone, is how to maximize your chances. Best raffle advice: Have ungodly luck.

Posted by orkspace — Congrats on your winnings Joey. I’ll get ya next time. —Dan

Posted by 1014 — Can a Judge be a judge.. if the judge has nothing to judge? Skunk for us folks on the inside. but still nice meeting the folks: GP, Pierbum, Salty Nick, 2d (mahalos for the dvds), Jel (mahalos for the musubi), G-Dude, Redfish, Rita, Big Rich, and countless others. Sorry we didn’t venture to the end, but we shy lol.

Posted by pierhead — Re: “70+ people in attendance … 141 people RSVP’d and only 70+ showed up? Once upon a time people who failed to show up without indicating they were backing out were considered just plain inconsiderate and weren’t invited back. There is a world of difference between provisioning for 70 instead of 141 and the hosts get stuck with the extra costs for food and supplies. So what is the solution … accept every RSVP but only plan for 50% showing up? That certainly is one approach but what happens if more than 50% attend? Good luck with the GPGT … I hope it doesn’t happen to whoever is organizing it this year.

Posted by pescare — Not the first time, unfortunately. It seems that not enough people think being inconsiderate is such a bad thing anymore. I remember that the ’04 Goleta thing had about a 50% no-show rate too, and from what I’ve observed, you can pretty much count on about a 30% rate in general.

Posted by songslinger — Roster Unfurnished Each Year. It would be interesting to see a list of names after these events. And useful, too. You show up, there are a whole bunch of people and you talk to most of them, but no one is wearing nametags, it’s getting dark, and there is also the incidental thing called Fishing. Had to keep track. So, I’m always wondering why, amidst the pictures and reports, someone doesn’t provide a “final count” for the record. Not to shame those who didn’t show–that’s just a perq—but to give everyone a source to put names to faces and so on.

I agree in principle about reservations and cancellations. Still, how useful is it to say you’re not coming if you’ve only just decided? Up here in the Bay Area, weather changes quickly, microclimates brew their own rarefied systems within the System–ask anyone who arrives at Berkeley Pier wearing shorts and tank-tops because it was 50 degrees warmer on the other side of the hills. I’ve seen hopeful anglers walk to the foot of the pier and get blasted by our hellish foggy zephyrs. Bright optimism stripped away raw to disappointment and disgust. Who can blame them for turning back? There’s fun and there is futility.

            The MMD event this year lists 59 separate reservations. Of that, you can pare down several names. Eelmaster, Ken Jones, and Minnow Magnet, each are double entries. (MM’s dad RR also reserved two—same guys.) So there are 5 you can subtract. 2 of Big Rich’s 3 reservations are imaginary, and Red Fish’s 11 invitees can be chopped back to maybe 4 or 5 at best. Some people who signed up for many only arrived with a few. You can also reasonably assume that guests would be less given the weather. So if there were 70 people at the event, this could be 59 people, 11 of whom brought a guest. And not everyone registered or checked in.  My point: who knows who showed up?

Berkeley Pier can’t be compared to Goleta or other events. The ENTIRE event takes place on the pier. Few participants stay overnight; most drive there and back on the same day. No bbq or picnic areas have to be reserved. As for food, it’s fantastic that generous people put together some tasty meals and feed a lot of folks. They can anticipate a crowd, yes, but they cannot expect it. Because things change. And those who attend events should not expect to get fed. It’s casual. (It’s Berkeley, man.) It’s close to spontaneous. Or it really isn’t worth doing. Sorry Glen

Posted by baitchucker — “hellish foggy zephyrs”  Ya, maybe I ate just a little too much chili, carnitas, and cevichi! It was good to meet you while on your way down the pier.

Posted by stripesidechaser — It got a little foggy on my end (of the pier) after about the third bowl of chili!  I fish, therefore I lie!

Posted by Songslinger — Heh heh!

 Posted by ken Jones — When Pat and I arrived at around 8:30 I asked Rita how many people had signed in and I believe the answer was 70 at that time. She did say some had signed in while the friends with them did not sign in. So, an actual number versus the posted signup will be hard.

As Slinger said the signup was rough. Some people anticipated bringing several other people and that may or may not have happened. It was cold, no doubt about that and that too may have discouraged some people (it reminded me of MMD2 when Lucy was given some ultramodern NASA-like garment to keep her warm (and it worked). Bottom line though was that more than 70 people showed up, most seemed to be enjoying themselves, and fishing proved once again how unpredictable it can be.

The one I felt most sorry for was GDude who was wearing his ever-present shorts and freezing. Someone finally brought him a blanket but I sure hope he was able to warm up after the event. He said, by the way, that the raffle was successful and UPSAC resources are somewhat strengthened.

 As for the coffee and chili, I only partook of the coffee because we had just finished off a nice spread at a wedding reception in Ukiah. The coffee was hot and that was all that mattered. The coffee cup helped warm up the cold fingers and the coffee itself warmed the soul. As said earlier, thanks and well done to all.

Posted by mel — I’m binging my own hotdogs next time. The ones that Unclesteve brings are way too hot for me.”The exact names and places may be changed to protect the innocent”

Posted by dkkim — Man those hotdogs were good. I think we ate enough for all the folks that didn’t show. btw, I headed out early but right when I was near the bathrooms I hear hootin’ and hollering — “Hookup!” I looked down at the watch and it was 11:55. Glad to hear you got the last fish, and it was nice meeting you.

Posted by gyozadude — Whew, I survived the cold – Part 1

However many fish were lost last night, and however cold it was, and however tired I was driving home… I’m happy that had the chance to get out and just hang out with a line in the water with many of the folks who came out for this event.

For the folks that stuck it out in the end, pat yourself on the back. Berkeley Pier can be worse, but for MMGT, this was perhaps one of the coldest and breeziest in past years.

Yet, time flew quickly. I got there at 4pm, parking near Skates Restaurant and while it was sunny at the time, the wind was already blowing hard. Up until that point, I had been working like a dog on an emergency software project and suffering from sleep deprivation the last six weeks, so my memory isn’t all that great. But it felt like just moments after I setup tables and got cozy that the clock struck 6pm and the MMGT officially started, and there was Rita001 manning the front desk doing the sign-ups, and a pile of cool prizes were on my cart behind me. And as usual, we had crowds arrive near starting time who needed to sign-in and wanted to buy some raffle tickets, so I started selling raffle tix next to Rita.

Sometime during that lapse, I must have also handed out the judges clipboards with rule sets to the folks that volunteered. And thank goodness I spotted Raidersfan1 taking movies and stills, so I didn’t need to walk down to the end of the pier, and shoot some amateur pics with my five year old Fuji finepix A101.

But I think I blinked twice and suddenly, someone blew the fog over BP and it got really cold. Great for folks like Ken Jones and Mrs. Jones who were coming down from the scalding hot interior somewhere. But I was wearing shorts and I looked around to see if Mel had pulled this unbelievable meteoroligic trick with the fog.

Posted by gyozadude — Raffle time – Part 2

Wow! Some cool prizes we gave away. Notably, we had a donation from Charkbait.com and Baitchucker of an Avet MX reel that went with a custom rod I wrapped which I christened “Go-bo-cha” which is a Japanese pumpkin that is green and orange. We also had a donation from Gotcha Bait and Tackle in Antioch c/o Stripedsidechaser for a cool Okuma Coronado CD65 Baitfeeder. Monte donated a half dozen lure paint kits, and someone (please email me) donated another Jarvis Walker big spinning reel. And Redfish donated a 7 ft Sabre Pacifica 1 pc heavy stick. I think Davey Jones came buy and brought a fantastic grab bag of goodies too, and Matt – 2D donated some stuff too.

But there is a disturbing trend starting to happen in ticket buying that started at Catalina PFGT this year. Grammar Police took top prize at that raffle too by blowing $90 in tix. So this time around, Orkspace blew $80 on tix. And GP blew $50, and others blew $40 and $30. I was almost running out of tickets physically. And then GP came around again and pretty much bought some more tix in a second purchase, after which we pretty much sold out or only had 6 left.

At 8pm, we began the drawing with a pretty good crowd. While this raffle only had only about 25 items to raffle off. My appreciation goes out the kids at the MMGT that helped out in picking of winning tix. One by one, we raffled off items getting ever closer to the bigger items.

Two things we did differently here from the Catalina PFGT. a) we had fewer prizes, but bigger ticket items, and b) I spent about a good 15 minutes separating tickets and mixing them thoroughly, stirring the tix and interleaving them between others. This would hopefully avoid one person winning too many prizes.

When we finally got to the big water reels and rod, folks were definitely paying more attention to their numbers. Then came the grand prize, and winner was…. Grammar Police!  Ironically, Orkspace did not get a single prize. And GP Joey, only won 1 prize — which was the grand prize after all. For those who envy Joey’s good luck, well, he wasn’t all that lucky. You see, while trying to unload at 4pm, a sudden burst of air lifted the custom rod off the roof of my camper shell, and the rod fell down and chipped the top ring. The rod is back with me to repairs.

Posted by gyozadude — Survival Station Lampost 20 — Part 3

 The action seemed hot down at the end of the pier, and I should have walked down there, and in hindsight, I missed out.

SSC (aka Bob) had a pot of chili and hot coffee going, which would have been great for a guy like me who was cold to the bone. They also had the whole end tarped and shielded from two sides against the wind. Some one also was toasting hot wings and sausages too, I heard.

But I was just too tired and lazy to hoof it down to the end. And certainly, while it was a cold night, Climber9′s father offered a blanket which I thankfully borrowed..

But we weren’t without a burrito bar on our end. I brought black beans and carnitas and tortillas and a case of bottled water, and we can thank Eric and Rita who did all the cooking plus brought the Spanish rice.

And before dusk, a gentleman was cleaning a very nice striper at the sink nearby. I thought he was part of the MMGT crew and we were going to have fresh striper. But that must have been wishful thinking.

Posted by gyozadude — And the winners are… Part 4

It was a slow MMGT. A few good fish lost at the end, but otherwise quiet. And only three rays landed. Throughout the evening, we heard loud “Whhhhooooaaaaa’s” of disappointment occasionally come from the end with no confirmations of any fish landed.

At 10:23pm, HikingJay finally took the lead with a 12 lb. ray with a 26 inch wingspan. But that didn’t last long when Louisana Jeff landed a 36 pound ray with a 38 inch wingspan at 10:35pm. This still could have been anyone’s contest until Mel (who lost one earlier supposedly that broke off on 65 lb braid) hooked up at 11:58 pm. The fight went past midnight, but the ray did get landed before the 10 minute grace period expired. Mel closed the MMGT2006 with a 9 lb ray with a 22 inch wingspan.

So, the winners were: Louisana Jeff (1st), HikingJay (2nd) and Mel (3rd). Each received an engraved trophy and a PolePack courtesy of Pablo-at-Polepack-dot-com. He says he can exchange it for whichever size winners want.

Congrats to the winners again on a job well done. Gyozadude – Proud UPSAC Member “Yes — I can roll potsticker skins”

Posted by AortizFish — Thanks to Gotcha Bait Shop  for their donations! I actually won the Okuma reel in the raffle, I had a great time out there. Met a lot of people, Thanks to all the organizers.

Posted by Mr. Pole Pack — Pole Pack winners…Congratulations on your rays! Email me if you want to exchange sizes to fit your rods.pablo@polepack.com

Posted by 1014 — Thanks James… and Redfish, Rita, Eric, etc.  I came with a pair of shorts and t-shirt as well, but quickly the jacket came on with my fleece wader lining, which was luckily still in my bag, following quickly afterwards. I tried to rough it out by continually walking back and forth from bathroom/food vendor and spot, but couldn’t take it. My wife withstood the cold longer than I did wearing her “skort” until almost dusk! Again no fish in our general area, or actually no qualifying fish. The scale was used to weigh a 5# striper caught by one of the old men near us and Jel’s homies caught a 31” leopard. But it was quiet on our end. I did get a nibble on squid but whatever it was refused to take the hook. Geez, I was hoping for at least third place! I will say the burritos hit the spot and reminiscing with 2d about Sandy’s poundings kept me warm. Also the daydreaming my conversation with Pierbum about threshers got me sweating. Thanks again, and definitely I’ll participate more so next year!

Posted by gyozadude — Really, thanks Red. Robert was our main guy for communications on the MMGT and he insulated me from having to deal with it, especially since I was completely bogged down in work and other activities. All I really ended up doing was hauling out the same gear I usually haul to one of these events. In years past, when I tried to organize this, there had been always some opposition that some pier regulars would feel displaced by such a massive invasion and that we should grease the locals and make them feel welcome and give them a heads-up before the event. With Robert in charge, I don’t think that issue even came up since he’s a regular there himself. So let’s hear it Robert for being the gracious host here.

Posted by Ken Jones — You both did a great job!

Posted by songslinger — JAFO’s view here from the day shift, but it was a respectable and respectful event.

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2005 PFIC/UPSAC Mud Marlin Derby, Berkeley Pier

Date: May 22, 2005 — To: PFIC Message Board — From: gyozadude — Subject: MMGT 2005 Results

A slow night for MMGT goes this year, but not without some fan fare. Only 4 rays weighed in at the scales, for the scores of lines in the water soaking bait.

Weather was calm, and mild, with little wind. And for about 30 minutes, we were treated to fireworks from San Francisco Bay plus a bright shooting star just after dark that got folks wishin’ for bigger fish.

1st Place: John N., (guest of Lala837) 38.5 lbs/39″ caught at 9:10pm
2nd Place: Melvin K. (Mel) 36.5 lbs/ wing span unknown 7:30pm
3rd Place: Robert G. (Red Fish) 9.5lbs/25.5″ – 9:59pm

Hon. Mention: JTF69 – 7lbs/23″ 10:05pm

A total of 82 participants signed into the roster, but the pier was quite crowded with curious pedestrians and other non-affiliated anglers.

The highlight of the competition occurred with the winning fish, which started to nibble at the 12th lamp post down, but only taking a little bit of line. John, our winner, fishing on the north side of the pier, set the hook and then it started to run. First toward shore, but then after 25 yards, it came about and headed west toward the end of the pier and dozens of lines in the water. The ray came closer to the pier and began the journey toward the end crossing under first a dozen lines. Miraculously, it caught no other lines and many anglers pulled up their lines in courtesy.

After 10 minutes, the ray was still battling, but now it had swam within the last four lamp posts toward the end. A massive crowd had assembled to watch the battle. For a short period, the ray went under the pilings, but with patience and persistence, our winner finessed the ray out and landed it after close to a 20-minute battle.

Reports about who was 3rd place were sketchy and down at the 12th lamppost operations tables, we though JohnTheFisherman69 had sealed third. But the Red Fish strolled by and was grinning about having picked up an Abu 5500c3 in the raffle. When we asked him if he’d seen JTF69 and if he knew JTF was aware we had a trophy for him, Red Fish quickly told us that he had caught an even bigger ray. Just then the clipboards with data arrived and confirmed that correction. So we presented Red Fish with the 3rd place trophy and his grin got bigger.

A great mild evening, albeit a slow night for fish. Ken wasn’t sure why but guessed it might be due to the recent freshwater runoffs that could have lowered Bay water temperatures. But it could have also just been in the stars for tonight.

Thanks to all our donors in the raffle, especially UncleSteve of skc-realty.com and Ly’s Sporting and Fishing Goods in San Jose (our platinum sponsors) for giving us a lot of prizes. And thanks to cook Eric Pease (Rita001′s non-angling husband) for cooking up a lot of Philly cheese steak…

As mentioned above, Eric Pease, husband of Rita001 cooked most of Philly Cheese steak. Adam (Baitfish) and wife Rebecca arrived in the nick to time to help run the command center. BTW, it was there 5th anniversary for Adam and Rebecca. They were in SF on vacation, and decided to drop in and say high, and also help out a lot with the raffle. This helped raise close to $400 for UPSAC. Thanks to the prize donors and participants alike.

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2004 PFIC/UPSAC Mud Marlin Derby, Berkeley Pier

Submitted logos for the 2004 Mud Marlin Derby

May 16, 2004 — To: PFIC Messsage Board — From: gyozadude — Subject:  MMGT2004 — Summary

 “Perhaps one of the most laid-back get togethers I’ve been to in a while…” Pierhead said to me on the way out last night at around 1am or so as we all headed back down the 3000+ feet to the foot of Berkeley Pier.

With RSVPs topping well over 100 prior to the event yesterday, the 3rd Annual Mud Marlin Get Together was looking like it would test the capacity of the last dozen lights. And while we had about 30% no-shows as predicted, we also had 31 sign-ins/walk-ins last minute, putting the official total registered in the MMGT at 101 in the Derby, and I counted at least two spouses on the list, plus children and family members adding another dozen and a half to top out at about 120 participants that arrived during the evening.

In anticipation, we decided to occupy the last 14 lampposts, adding two more additional sections over the planned dozen light posts we had predicted we’d need. And Derby anglers spread themselves out this year, rather than crowding just at the end, although a very conspicuous tent had already be set up to block the back wall by some young and eager anglers trying to get a jump on the action.

But there seemed like no annoyances, obstacles, or logistical barriers that our participant crowd could not overcome this year. Anglers spread themselves out well. They pulled up lines quickly. They brought food and drink, dropping it off at our make shift command center in loads to share for free. I’ve never fished with such a big crowd before, and I’ve never fished with such a cooperative bunch of folks either.

I strolled a section of the pier at night just after 1am and was amazed at how well folks had cleaned up around them, leaving few if any bits of evidence that we’d just set PFIC records with such a large turn out.

The Junior Division

And befitting of such a Derby, the winner won by single large bat ray. James Nolan, a lurker on the board (Twigger?) walked-in and demonstrated his patience and skill in landing a massive 70 lb., 46.5-inch bat ray, female, and thick. Some of the organizers of this Derby had wanted to pay tribute to the late Bat Ray master Stan Low who passed away suddenly last year at a very young age. And it was so befitting that it would a “Stan” sized ray that would win the Derby and the top trophy.

In all, we had 14 rays landed, numerous other sharks and other finfish caught, and surprisingly, a kingfish landed on 5/0 – 6/0 hook! But unlike previous years, these rays have become smarter. No longer did anglers enjoy as high of a landing rate as in the first MMD. A quick survey of even our veteran Mud Marlin Derby anglers like Salty Nick, Battman, Nufo, and others indicated that quite a few rays had been “Farmed” last night. In fact, that quick survey indicated that roughly 2 of every 3 solid hookups resulted in break-offs because the rays would head for the pilings. Gyozadude – Proud UPSAC Member   “Yes — I can roll potsticker skins”

Posted by gyozadude — Participants and Raffle — Help we got this year. And I must apologize for not remembering all the fine people that brought food, schlepped stuff, volunteered as staff, worked as Judges, Donated prizes for the raffle, supported the cause of Pier and Shore Anglers by buying tickets for the raffle, and all the great folks that met and talked with other folks, putting names to faces.

We had some special treats too. Ken, our skipper, and his Publisher showed up with cases and cases of his new book. Amazing. The first -Pier Fishing in California- was already an authoritative and excellent work at a little over 213 pages and listing for $16.95. But the 2nd edition, unveiled at this event topped all expectations at 516 pages and listing for $29.95. Adjusting for inflation since 1992, one has to wonder at the amazing value of such a reference textbook. Ken sold out nearly 3 cases of books to buyers and missed a few more sales while wondering down the pier to chat with Pier Rats.

Did I mention the help? From schlepping stuff the 3000 feet out to the command center, to the cleanup, to the cooking duties, to the messengering service to the food? And I must not forget some of the sponsors of prizes. We even got help from Mother Nature. Waking up yesterday at 7am, I glanced out our bedroom window and saw the treetops whipping back and forth. Bad news I thought and decided to pack extra clothing. But the extra clothing ended up not on my back, but actually doing it’s job as padding and non-slip surface between all the layers of gear of the 1/4 ton of materials we hauled out to the end. Yes, indeed the weather was beautiful, and mild by Berkeley standards.

The raffle was another central gathering point for us. And I must apologize for not over communicating to some folks that it would happen at 7:30pm, while still daylight and hopefully before the looming derby deadline. But we had some very cool prizes chased down by fellow pier rats who volunteered to hit up their local shops for gear. We also had previous winners donate stuff, and pier rats give up new stuff, all for a good cause of supporting UPSAC. The Grand prize for the raffle, a custom Bat Ray rod and reel combo that I built, couldn’t have gone to a more grateful and gracious winner — GrayBeard — a volunteer to be judge that was so dutiful, he remained at his post as Judge for the midsection of our phalanx, and only received his prize well after it turned dark. And we won’t mention that Graybeard is a veteran of get-togethers both north and south and travels perhaps farther than most to get to any of these gatherings from Delano, CA.

Posted by gyozadude — Derby Official Winners List—The table below provides final tally results for the night. Weights provided are the net weight (total minus the weight of the hoopnet/landing device). Looks like for couples, the ladies OUTPERFORMED their male counterparts!

Rank — Name — Pier Rat Name — Total Wt. — Number — Wt.

1. James N — Twigger? — 70 lbs. — One bat ray, 70 lbs. — 2. Kathy R — Mrs. Battmann — 43 lbs. — Two bat rays, 16 and 27 lbs. — 3. Joe R — Sportguy33 — 29 lbs. — Two bat rays, 17 and 12 lbs. — 4. Jeff G., Sr. — Rockfish — 22 lbs. — One bat ray, 22 lbs. — 5. Josh S — Prometheus — 20 lbs. — One bat ray, 20 lbs. — 6. Helen L — Mrs. GrapeApe168 — 19 lbs. — One bat ray, 19 lbs. — 7. Tim M —Sturgeon King — 17.5 lbs. — One bat ray, 17.5 lbs. — 8. Jeff G. Jr. — Son of Rockfish — 16.5 lbs. — One bat ray, 16.5 lbs. — 9.  Kyle R — HalibutBP — 15.5 lbs. — One bat ray, 15.5 lbs. — 10. Dave V — Lurker — 10 lbs. — One bat ray, 10 lbs. — 11. Monte W — Eelmaster — 9.5 lbs. — One bat ray, 9.5 lbs. — 12. Kevin L — GrapeApe168 — 5 lbs. — One bat ray, 5 lbs.

Total rays landed and released 14; Total aggregate weight of rays 277 lbs.

Top father/son team: Rockfish and son, two bat rays, 38.5 lbs. (22 + 16.5 lbs.). Top spouse team (in both cases the wives outfished the hubbies): Battman + wife: 43 lbs. total (0 + 43 lbs.) — GrapeApe168 + wife: 24 lbs. total (5 + 19 lbs.)

Bat Ray (Angler names? — and I should know)

Prizes: 1st Place—Big trophy; 2nd Place—Small trophy; 3rd Place—Smaller trophy; 4th-8th Place—1/4 scoop of live bait coupon.

Bat Ray chronology: 1. 7:00pm — Joe R (Sportguy33), 17 lbs. 25.0 inches — 2. 7:10pm — Kevin L (GrapeApe168), 5.0 lbs. 21.0 inches — 3. 7:20pm — Tim M (Sturgeon King), 17.5 lbs. 27.0 inches — 4. 7:27pm — Jeff G. Jr. (Son of Rockfish), 16.6 lbs, 28.0 inches — 5. 7:34pm — Helen L (Mrs. GrapeApe168), 19.0 lbs. 28.0 inches — 6. 7:41pm — Dave V (Lurker), 10.0 lbs, 28.0 inches — 7. 8:00pm — Jeff G. Sr. (Rockfish), 22.0 lbs. 32.0 inches — 8. 8:10pm — Josh S (Prometheus), 20.0 lbs 29.0 inches — 9. 8:30pm — Monte W (Eelmaster), 9.5 lbs 22.5 inches — 10. 8:56pm — Joe R (Sportguy33), 12.0 lbs. 25.0 inches — 11. 9:00pm — Kathy R (Mrs. Battmann), 16.0 lbs. 25.0 inches — 12. 9:09pm — Kyle R (HalibutBP), 15.5 lbs. 29.0 inches — 13. 9:43pm — James N (Twigger), 70.0 lbs, 46.5 inches — 14. 10:00pm — Kathy R (Mrs. Battmann), 27.0 lbs. 30.0 inches.

Posted by gyozadude — Helplist —MMGT 2004 Staffing and Help List — Hope I’m not forgetting folks. And we want to know who dropped off the awesome sausages, both massive boxes of polish and smoke Louisiana sausage, the Italian, and Fried Chicken — Yum, Yum, Yum, Delicioso!

1. Ark and Josephine — for bringing lots of Pizza; 2. Battman and KattWoman — propane, chowmein, eggrolls, sauce; 3.BCooney and Family — providing son Shane as raffle picker; 4. GordoGrande — Video Production; 5. GrapeApe168 — Donated raffle prize — crab ring; 6. GrayBeard -—Judge, Grand prize winner; 7. Jerry Wong — Roadie, raffle staff, schlepper, cook’s assistant; 8. Ken Jones — Book Signing, raffle Staff; 9.         Matt2d — Donated raffle prizes: rod holders and bait buckets; 10. Pierhead — Picking our grand prize raffle winner; 11. PJRamirez — Donated two Pole Pack rod bags from his company and had biggest group of guests participant; 12. Raidersfan1 — Roadie, security staff, Schlepper, beverage supplies; 13. Red Fish -—Judging, Core MMGT Consultant; 14. Rita001 and Family — Provided skirt steak, dogs, fajitas, and skills of master chef Eric; 15. Rockfish Jr — Thanks Jeffrey Jr. for all the back/forth comms w/ your scooter; 16. Rockhopper — Judge, Camera man, Lanterns; 17. SongSlinger — Core MMGT Consultant; 18.  StripedSideChaser — Judge, Coffee Pot; 19. theCrw -—Core Organization of “Gentleman’s” Activities; 20. TomAurand — Core MMGT Consultant, 1st Place Trophy;  21. ???? — Delicious marinated pork loin that Eric cooked; 22. ???? — Delicious 2 boxes of smoke Lousiana Sausages and Polish Sausage; 23. ???? — Delicious pack of Italian Sausage; 24. ???? — Delicious two boxes of Fried Chicken; 25.  Everyone with Nets — Thanks for the hoopnet support; 26. Everyone — Thanks for the Raffle support for UPSAC

Bat Ray

Posted by gyozadude – Who are you? There’s still some gray areas yesterday when things happened and I can’t remember who the heck it was that helped.

1. Who’s cup-cake mini choc-chip cookies were those? Just awesome and innovative in design. 2. Who dumped off two boxes of fried chicken? Those evaporated in about 15 minutes and someone loved the drumsticks! 3. Who’s marinated pork loin was that? It didn’t last long4. Who’s Kielbasa and smoke sausages from Smart and Final? Those were awesome too. Not a sausage left at the end of the night. Was that you Alabama? And Was it Adrian or Will_fish who dropped of the Italian sausage? 5. How many folks forked out $20 for the raffle? Geez, I did a recount and based on unique entries, I’m averaging roughly 13 tickets per entry into the raffle. Guys, sorry not everyone could win, but the prizes went to a good cause. 6. Who is Mike Nicol? Was he with you MrJonesJr? Because I know you were present, signed-in and you bought tickets. I saw you, but you walked off before I could give you your rod. Contact me at my email address below for delivery. 7. Who lost the top half of a spinning rod, black, 5 ft, glass (for a 10 ft rod)? You hooked a tree on the way out to the parking lot. Gordo found the top half hanging there and thought it was ours and gave it to us. But it ain’t ours. Do other folks have a funny or cools Who’s Who incident? Please post and let us know!

Posted by will_fish — I dropped off the Italian sausage. Attsa Nica! and grazie to StripedSideChaser . Gdude you must’ve missed out on his AWSOME chili.

Posted by gyozadude  — Yes… I did miss out… he’d better bring some…to the next impromptu fishing excursion out there at BP. I had the chance to pick some up last night on my hike down there, but forgot to get some. And I saw the coffee percolator setup too. I went shopping today with the wife at Wallmart and stared at a couple of models on display in the camping section. Thanks for the Italian sausage. Folks near the front of our section chowed it down in minutes.

Posted by graybeard — The sausages and tortillas I brought. Really wanted hot links, but my store was out.

 Posted by gyozadude — You didn’t get some of my Costco hotlinks? I brought a bulk pack of them Louisiana hotlinks, and they were the first ones I grilled! Note the first post in this thread and embedded image. Those were the sliced sections of the links I brought. I guess you must not have had any (and they didn’t last long).

Posted by gordo grande — THE TOP HALF OF THE ROD BELONGS TO… (drumroll)….none other than the Pierfisherman himself, KEN JONES!!!!! (You’d thing that after all these years he’d be able to hold on to his gear) Gordo Grande  Support UPSAC!

KJ and Minnow Magnet at the sign-in table

Posted by battmann — Kattwoman brought to cookie’s along with the egg rolls and chow mein. Hope you all got a chance to enjoy.

Posted by Adrn —I dropped off the chicken. Glad it was consumed.-Adrian

Posted by gyozadude — Raffle Donations List — Just to re-iterate in case I forgot some folks instrumental in providing Raffle Donations.

1. StripeSideChaser — hitting up local shops for -and- getting tackle; 2. Adrn — for donating rods; 3. GrapeApe168 — hoopnet/crab ring; 4, PJRamirez — rod holder bag; 5. Matt2d — rod racks and bait buckets; 6. Jim Holloway — livebait coupons for 1/4 scoops at Berkeley Live Bait. 100% of proceeds went to UPSAC to help finance the interests of pier and shore anglers in CA. I’d like to applaud their generosity in these regards. Gyozadude – Proud UPSAC Member  “Yes – I can roll potsticker skins”

Posted by  Nufo — Well I must give a big thanks to Gyozadude for taking over all the responsibilities and organizing everything. You did a great job! I don’t think I could have handled it as well this year with my new career under way. I had enough anxiety the past two years so this year with 100+ people would have did me in. It was a great night out on the pier hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones as well. I had a great relaxing time. I did manage to get skunked though.

As for the derby, I did put together a little late night derby (biggest fish any type) from midnight till 2am. Scooter fish had it locked down with a 1.6 lb smoothhound, till Redfish Hooked up with the sure winner at 1:50. This 30lb(ish) Ray gave Red a run for his money. We thought for sure that Red was going to lose it but his fishing skills prevailed and at 2:02 he had him on the deck and collected his winnings. I tried to talk him in to buying us all breakfast with his winnings but alas he had to head home. At 2:30 or so we headed over to Emeryville to finish off the night with a little more fishing while I waited for my Salmon Charter (more on this later). I managed to catch my first ever shovelnose guitarfish.  See you all next year, Nufo

Posted by  pierhead — the most laid-back event ever! I got lucky…. due to some last minute schedule shuffling and Gordo Grande’s generous assistance I was able to make to this year’s MMGT and was finally able to meet many of the BP regulars that I have been reading about for the last 2 months … what a treat

Ross and I arrived in Oakland mid-afternoon and checked into a Motel 6 on the Embarcadero with it’s own vest pocket pier (San Antonio Fishing Pier). Ken joined us shortly and we made our way up to Berkeley arriving around 4pm. I had attended the first Mud Marlin event so I was looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with the Pier.

The first thing we noticed was the number of anglers unloading their gear in the parking lot … it looked like a small invading army and they were all from PFIC! Such an array of pier carts and heavy duty tackle … these people were seriously into mud marlin fishing!

The pier cart of — gyozadude 

I was especially interested in the various methods by which they proposed to retrieve their catches … I saw any number of large hoop nets attached to long (10-15″) sectional handles. Any doubts I had about their utility were resolved after I watched the first few bat rays being landed. Those rays were in the 20+ pound class and were brought up without any apparent difficult which convinced me that I had found the answer to the problem I had last week in landing halibut from the Rincon rockwall … those nets could have handled even the biggest of the fish I lost.

The second impression concerned the recent architectural changes at the foot of the pier … with the superstructure above the restrooms removed the pier looked like it had been abandoned and was in the process of being disassembled … the rest room building itself resembled a cargo container that had been overlooked and left behind. Not at all attractive and certainly conveyed the feeling that the City no longer cared about the pier. That, combined with the deplorable condition of the notorious windbreaks, was very discouraging … if it hadn’t been for the enthusiasm of the assembled anglers it would have been very depressing indeed. Seems to me that a little paint and elbow grease could make a drastic difference … perhaps something could be done on our part to help the city recognize what a valuable recreational resource they have in BP.

This year I finally bit the bullet and left all my tackle at home … I was much more interested in just getting out and meeting all the fine folks who took time to show up. Past experiences convinced me that I am constitutionally incapable of fishing and getting to know my fellow anglers at the same time :) Still it was even more difficult than I had imagined and by the end of the night I realized that I hadn’t taken even one picture yet nor had made any notes in the legal pad that I brought along for that purpose … but I came away with many new friends and wonderful memories of far-ranging conversations … the two hours I spent with Monte (Eelmaster) stands out in particular.

And I finally had a chance to meet Fishoff, I See Fin Prints, Minnow Magnet and RR who have figured in so many of the recent posts … Ken has assured me that the situation with the ‘BP kids’ has been resolved and shortly we should begin to hear from them in their own words instead of indirectly through the posts of others … it’s about time and I am looking forward to their contributions. Hopefully we have all learned from that experience :) As Red Fish so eloquently reminded us … “There’s enough room on the pier for everyone.” I agree.

And a special thanks to Gyozadude for all of his efforts to insure the success of the gathering … he and Eric (and others) contributed to an extravagant buffet that sustained body and soul through the long night … though personally I am glad that I stayed away from the chile … the hot links that I overindulged in were more than enough to remind me that ‘discretion is the better part of valor’ :)

Early in the evening I ran into a non-PFIC family fishing by themselves towards the restrooms. I stopped and asked them how they were enjoying the evening. The father, Nolan, perhaps thinking that I was just another tourist, began to wax eloquently on the joys of pier fishing with his family and how much it meant to them. Since he was beginning to sound like one of our Autobiographies I stopped him and pointed out that he was not alone in his feelings … that in fact there were over 100 people on the pier that night that shared his enthusiasm. He responded … ‘You mean we are not alone?” It didn’t take long for me to bring him up to date on PFIC and he promised to log on as soon as he got home. Looking forward to his first post!

And that’s what it is all about … Thanks everyone and see you next year! Pierhead
Proud Supporter of UPSAC

Posted by sportyguy33  — What a blast! What a great way it was to spend a evening fishing with a bunch of Berkeley Pier’s finest fisherman as well as a couple soon to be Legends John and Kyle. It was nice to see a couple of my fishing buddies, Mel and GrapeApe, as well as the Bay Area’s other contingent of expert pier fisherman—Redfish, Alabama, RockHopper, TheCrw and SurfCaster. Also it was a pleasure being able to meet and chat with both 2d, Gordo Grande and StripesideChaser who BTW sure knows how to whip up a heck of a pot of Chile. The Derby couldn’t have started out better for me, being the first to hook into and land a Mud Marlin sure does wonders for those nerves. As fisherman/women we all know how being skunked around all your fishing buddies can be hard on your ego. In between catching my two Mud Marlins I also landed four small sharks and lost three other good size fish. My Uncle, who I brought along to participate in all the fun, lost three really big ones due to leader malfunction. Gyozodude, you’re a good man taking over for Nufo to keep this great event alive for all us “Norcal Pier Rats.” Fish On— Sportyguy33

Posted by Red Fish — Sportyguy, you are a top-notch angler… along with “Twigger.” Twigger reminds me of a young Roland Martin. He was even gracious enough to share his secret mud marlin bait .

Posted by RaidersFan1 — G-Dude..  Great job in organization! Being my first major event since joining the site this was an awesome display of organizing skill and people pulling together.  Looking forward to the next event perhaps in Goleta!  RaidersFan1Support UPSAC

Posted by tomaurand — WOW, sorry, I missed the event. sounds like a great one. James, You definetley deserved the trophy as a 70-pounder truly is a Stan sized ray…. G-dude, words cannot say enough for your efforts. I only wish I could have done more to support all you have done for such an event. Can’t wait till next year,  Tom   Proud Supporter of UPSAC.

Posted by lucy — Damn, wish I could have gone! Glad everybody had a good time and it all turned out so well. Excellent job all around by those who organized and helped out. Congratulations, all!

Posted by gyozadude — You could have ridden w/ PopoTheWonderDog! One of the most notable new names on the msgboard has to be Reed, aka Popothewonderdog. Interesting fellow and good to talk with. And he lives in the City. I also came up and over the Bay Bridge last night after the MMGT. We had the remnants of what looked like a moronic 3-car major injury accident on the left hand side, and then bridge maintenance closing the right lane, leaving just two lanes moving in the middle. Glass fragments were strewn across the bridge. But still we got through the mess after only a 10 minute pause. I guess another reason to stay away from “Gentlemen’s” beverages if you gotta drive. In any event, you may have had several options for rides home. Next time, let some of us know beforehand’ it’s not far out of our ways.

Posted by lucy — Couldn’t have gone anyway Unfortunately, I had made other plans and wasn’t available to go to the MMGT.

Posted by baconmojo — Striper. Shortly after arriving, I witnessed a striper hooked by ‘og’. He played with the good sized (?) fish for awhile before it free’d itself, just shy of the crab ring someone was holding beneath it. This was before the actual start of the derby. I was hoping to get a ray on the deck, but got a skunk. Didn’t get to meet as many rats as I had hoped.. Was a great time.

Posted by thecrw — Congratulations to …. (drum roll please)  to Jeff Sr. aka Rockfish for taking the Gentlemen’s Wager with a winning ray of 22 lbs. He landed it early round 8pm and thought he lost as he heard an unfounded rumor that the 70lbs ray took the prize, good for him that the biggest bat ray wasn’t in our wager. For the rest of us down at the end, we knew that even a medium size ray could claim the pot, so we were still gung ho til the very end. The total pot came to $260 from 13 pier rats at $20 a piece. btw ~ this is Jeff’s 2nd time for taking the money prize in the last three Mud Marlins. Jeff, can we have a few words…~Elric aka TheCrw


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2013 PFIC/UPSAC Catalina Get Together

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2004 PFIC/UPSAC Seacliff Pier Get Together

The 2004 Get Together at the Seacliff State Beach Pier was one of the first gatherings of the PFIC “Pier Rats” but as always was a day filled with good cheer, good food, and the opportunity to actually put a face to the names people saw on the PFIC Message Board. We’re still looking for the text messages that go with this derby and will revise when they are available.




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